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Buying Property in Provence and the Côte d’Azur

Searching for Provence real estate from abroad is not easy, even if you know exactly where you want to buy. If you don’t speak French or aren’t sure which areas of Provence and the Côte d’Azur best fit your wish list and budget, it becomes even harder. Maybe you have already scanned countless foreign portals or French agency sites – only to be frustrated by the insufficient property details and descriptions. Or have you already made several viewing trips without finding your dream property? The flexible and bespoke property search and acquisition services of PROVENCE SEARCH could be the solution for you.

Although it’s safe to buy property in France on the legal side of things, finding the right property at the right price can be quite a challenge. Why is this so difficult? These are some of the main obstacles we can help you overcome:

Limited or incorrect listing details
Most sellers list their homes with several agencies. Only the agency that sells the property gets any commission. As many sellers also try to sell privately, the agencies understandably only give out limited details (or the wrong location) to prevent buyers finding the property without them.

No multi-listing system or central database
Provence does not have a central database where you can access all properties on the market. In addition, many properties are listed only privately by French owners on French websites. Finally, vendors owners often ask their agents to keep their home “off the books” (i.e., show the details only on the spot to a serious potential buyer or home finder). They do this for a host of different reasons. Many good properties get sold this way without ever making it to the Internet.

No response to enquiries
Agents are always busy showing properties and taking new listings on the books. Because the agencies in Provence (especially the few that speak English) are inundated with enquiries, and foreign buyers often don’t show up for appointments, or perhaps see the viewings as a free sight-seeing trip, it can be hard to get a response to your enquiries for further details on a property.

Properties viewed don’t match your wish list
When you travel to Provence hoping to find “the one” in a short period of time without the help of an independent buyer’s agent, the chances that you’ll only see properties that best match your search criteria are very low. Each agency will want to show you as many properties as possible and they tend to throw in a few extras “just in case”. It’s hard to refuse and you end up wasting a lot of valuable time.


The Solution

Provence Search is an independent, licensed and insured buyer’s agency. We only represent your interests and can ensure that you buy the right house, in the right location, and at the best price. We don’t just search for and pre-vist properties on your behalf – we also arrange the practicalities of the purchase for you and can recommend lawyers, financial advisers, currency and mortgage brokers. We of course remain your local contact once your dream home is yours.

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